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Dating is a game and women are conditioned to make themselves a challenge. If you see a hot looking woman in a bar and ask her for her phone number she may agree to give it to you.

However this doesn’t mean that she will agree to go out with you straight away. If you phone her and she makes an excuse not to see you, don’t be disheartened. This may be all part of her game plan to keep you interested.

Being too available

She may say that she is meeting her girlfriends Saturday night and can’t let them down. You will know if this one of the signs she s playing hard to get if she then suggests you call her next week. Being too available can make a man lose interest. A woman who is always there waiting by the phone can become boring after a while. Even if she is the most stunning woman you have ever seen, once the chase is over it can become too easy and dull.

If you see a hot looking woman and want to approach her, wait a little while and look in her direction. If she stares at you briefly, looks away, and then looks at you again, she may be interested but doesn’t want to seem obvious. This is one of the subtle signs she s playing hard to get.


Playing hard to get helps her to prove she can trust you

If a woman makes it too easy for a guy and has sex the first night she dates him then she can feel very vulnerable. Playing hard to get can prove to her that she can trust you. If you continue to pursue her it shows you’re interested and not prepared to give up after the first setback. Many women find it hard to trust a man until they’ve got to know him well. This is more so in a woman who has suffered heartbreak and failed relationships.

If she continually makes excuses not to see you and doesn’t return your calls then this isn’t a good sign. You have to accept that she isn’t just playing hard to get, but is really not interested. Don’t keep calling her or send her loads of text messages as you will look desperate, and it won’t make her want to go out with you.

Some women are very sensitive and hate the thought of hurting a guy’s feelings. She may say that she will text or call you just to spare your feelings. The reality is you may never hear from her.

If a woman plays hard to get it’s a good sign. It shows she likes you and doesn’t want to risk losing you through being too easy. It’s expected that a man does the chasing. If she likes you she will let you chase her, but she won’t make it too hard!

Touching you

If she touches you while talking this shows she is keen on you. Touching your arm or hand is very intimate and not normally done unless you really like someone. Flirting, being self conscious in your company, or fluttering her eyelashes are all signs she likes you. If she flirts one minute then pulls away the next, she could be teasing and playing a little bit hard to get. It’s like a game to her. She wants you to show her interest and is keen on you, yet she wants to make it a bit of a challenge.

Has she suddenly become distant?

If she makes excuses not to see you and doesn’t suggest an alternative date then this isn’t a sign she is playing hard to get. You could try talking to her and find out if she is seeing someone else. Another explanation could be that you have both changed and simply grown apart.If you have been dating a woman for a while, and suddenly she has changed from the happy and open person she once was into someone who is distant, then she could be losing interest.

Sitting close

A good sign she likes you is if she allows you to sit close to her. We all have an area of personal space around us, and if someone we don’t know, or don’t like invades this space we feel uncomfortable and instinctively move away. If she’s flirting with other guys in the room, yet still lets you sit close to her then she is playing a game.

She wants you to see that she can have any guy she wants, but at the same time wants you to show her interest.Sometimes a girl will talk about other guys when she is with you. This is often just to make you curious and make you realise you have competition. It’s very common and lots of girls do this. It shows that she likes you but doesn’t want you to think that you are the only guy who is showing an interest in her.

A little bit of competition is a good thing and this scarcity tactic often makes a guy more keen. However talking about her ex’s all night and showing no interest in you is not a sign she likes you.

So is she playing hard to get? Or is she simply not interested? Hopefully this article has helped you decide.

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