How to Get Your Wife in the Mood – 5 Secrets To Seduce Your Wife

Most husbands probably don’t think about “seducing” their wives – I know mine doesn’t. Men seem to think that once they are married they don’t need to make the effort anymore, and that sex is just a given. Seduce your wife

But even if sex IS given to you on a regular basis, it is still worth learning how to seduce your wife. Chances are that she will be more enthusiastic and that sex will be more passionate, more intimate, and more exciting if you take the time to seduce her.

In my opinion, the key to seduction if you are already married is not difficult. It really comes down to three things: pay attention to your wife and listen to her; get to know what she likes; do the things she likes as often as you can.

Maybe your wife wants candles and romance? Maybe she wants you to tell her how hot she is and come on strong? You won’t know unless you take the time to get to know what she likes. If you want to know how to get your wife in the mood, ask your wife, and then really listen to what she says.

How to Seduce a Woman

The Art of Seduction

The art of seduction is to get somebody (in this case your wife) to want to have sex with you by subtly tempting them into it. What will be tempting to one woman might be a turn-off for another.

The key here is communication – what does your wife like? If you don’t know (or don’t care) find out, and then focus on what you know she loves.

Most women can be seduced pretty easily by the man they love, and taking the time to focus on your wife doesn’t mean that your needs won’t be met; chances are that by taking a little bit of time to appreciate her and meet her needs, you will make her feel loved and wanted, and she will repay you with amazing sex

But always remember that seducing her begins by first learning how to seduce your wife. Because it’s the love and compassion that you show to her on a day to day basis that will make seducing her much, much easier when the times comes.

How to Seduce her- 5 Easy Tactics

1. Set the Mood

Make the effort to create a seductive space in your home. Light candles if you have them (and buy some if you don’t). Play music (this can whatever type of music you and your wife like).

Set the atmosphere without your wife’s knowledge, so that when she gets home from work or finishes up with dinner she will see the effort you have made. The very fact that you have made the effort to create a seductive atmosphere will go a long way towards getting your wife in the mood.

2. Keep it Simple

Lots of sex advice books show you how to “have amazing orgasms” and show you hundreds of new positions to try. But if your wife has a hard time getting in the mood this sort of “advice” can be rather daunting.

If your wife often seems uninterested in sex, go back to basics and make it just about enjoying each other’s company, and enjoying the sensations without worrying about anything else.

3. Initiate Foreplay (and lots of it)

If you want to know how to seduce your wife, you really can’t go wrong by taking some extra time to enjoy foreplay. Learn how to turn your woman on mentally, then start slowly and take your time exploring her body.

Kiss her neck, rub her shoulders, and generally let her know that you want to focus on her for a bit. Chances are she’ll be so thrilled by the attention that it won’t be long before she is begging for more.

4. Get to Know Your Wife

Some women are shy about letting their husbands know what they want or like in bed. If you can get your wife to talk about what she likes (not in interview-style but after a couple of glasses of wine, or during a sensual massage) then you will have some guaranteed tricks for how to seduce your wife in the mood in the future.

Really listen to what she says and then do whatever it is – maybe it’s a slightly different technique, or a softer or harder touch than you have been giving.

5. Shake Things Up

If you are usually the dominant, aggressive type, try seducing your wife by being extra-gentle and focusing on her needs.

If you are usually more reserved, try telling her how hot she looks, grab her ass (in an appropriate situation) and tell her how much you want to be inside her right now – the shock of a different approach is sure to get her hot.

How to Have an Amazing Relationship – 5 Tips For Building a Blissful Romance

It’s not difficult to learn how to have an amazing relationship with the one you love. All it really takes is a bit of knowledge, some honest effort, and a willingness to cooperate with each other.

If you can do this, then you actually have the makings for a pretty phenomenal relationship. Now, about that bit of knowledge I spoke of earlier; here are a few ideas to help you to have a much more blissful relationship with your partner:

1. Make Time For Your Relationship

Over and over again, people tell me that my ideas are wonderful, but they feel as if they can’t be as loving or romantic as I am because they don’t have enough hours in the day to be creative and spontaneous lovers.

Believe it or not, I have the same amount of time given to me each day as everyone else does. It’s how I prioritize the time that might be different. And besides my relationship with my Creator, my time spent with my wife, Athena, is most important to me.

The time I spend with her is more important than my job, the money I make, exercise, friends or other family members, and yes, even more important than Ashton, my darling little son.

I am not against nice items for those who can afford them and don’t have to work insane hours to attain them. But I am slightly perplexed by those who work too many hours or have a long daily commute just so they can have “things,” not realizing they are losing something that is even more valuable and precious.

2. Share Secrets Together

I’ve got a secret and I’m not sharing. Actually, I have a lot of secrets. There are a lot of things that are only known to Athena and me. That keeps us close. I like it when Athena shares things with me that she doesn’t share with others. It makes me feel special and unique in her eyes.

I tell her things that I don’t tell my friends or family. It’s not like these are horrible things we have done that we can’t tell others. I just want Athena to feel like she knows me better than anyone else.

If you want to have an amazing relationship, make your sweetheart feel special. Always share important things with them first. Let some things remain a secret between the two of you for a little while before letting the rest of the world know all about your personal life.

3. Have Date Nights

Without special time together, relationships can pull apart or simply become stale. But you can’t simply replace doing nothing with doing the exact same thing week after week. The – oh-so-predictable – dinner and a movie can be all right if mixed up with some other types of dates. By this you will seduce your wife

Here are a few simple date suggestions to help you to have an amazing relationship: Bookstore, library, museum, zoo or park date, or together collect clothes for a shelter.

4. Spice Up Your Love Life

If you find that sex is becoming very sporadic in your relationship (and you are not happy with that) consider scheduling “sex nights.” Just like date nights, schedule one or two days each week for physical intimacy. This is a great way to rekindle the passion and keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Some people find the idea of planned sex off-putting at first, but later come to anticipate the weekly ritual. Having sex planned in advance makes for prolonged foreplay, which will help to make every other part of your relationship simply amazing!

Seduce your wife

5. Get Your Debt Under Control

If you want to have an amazing relationship filled with both passion and peace of mind, you will need to get your debt under control (or at least a plan to do so). Otherwise, your debt will control you and affect you physically and psychologically. To seduce your wife read below

When you get a paycheck, the first thing you should do is set aside money for charity/church. Doesn’t seem logical, but it works. Sit down with your partner and discuss all aspects of your family budget. Only when you analyze your spending habits will you fully realize where you are wasting money.

This will be a great opportunity to talk about your goals and dreams both as individuals and as a couple. And if you want to have an amazing relationship, you must come to the realization that frivolously spending money can be a sign of disrespect for your marriage and mate.

If you would like to have a bigger diamond ring or a fancier car, ask yourself why. Take a quick inventory of all the items you own but could really live without.

Take into consideration just how much you paid for them. What if you didn’t buy those items and had all that money in savings instead? Would it make a difference in how you view your job, your family and your future?


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