Sexy Ways to Seduce Your Man With Body Language

Ladies, if you want to put a little fun and spark back into your relationship, you’ve got to keep in mind that men are visual creatures.

You do realize that we guys aren’t really that complicated right?

If you want to keep a man interested in you, be enticing, and captivate him with everything you have to offer, you’re going to have to learn what it takes to keep him stimulated VISUALLY.

I’m not saying that he needs visual stimulation alone to remain interested in you, but he does need it.

And keep in mind that I’m not just talking about your body shape or the size of your waist alone here.

It actually goes much deeper.

Even along with what your man may find physically sexy, there’s something else that he finds visually irresistible.

What I’m referring to here is your FEMININE BODY LANGUAGE and how you can use it to seduce your man.

How to Seduce a Man: Real Men Reveal What Works

Seductive Female Body Language

The more feminine and inviting your body language is, the more enticed your man will become. The more feminine your movements and expressions, the more engaged your man will be simply because he won’t be able to help himself.

He’s designed by nature to respond to certain things on a PRIMAL level. And the seductive body language of an enticing female who’s ready for physical intimacy is one of them.

There are actually certain things you can do to trigger his primal desires for you.

Here are a few things that you might want to try:

1. Preen Your Hair

Ladies, stroke, twirl, and run your fingers through your hair when you’re around the man you want to seduce, but don’t confuse this with pulling and tugging.

Stroking and twirling your hair in a luxurious, slow, and sensual way communicates to him that his masculinity has caught your eye. While you’re doing this, you might want to give him a slightly naught smile while looking at him through the corner of your eye.

Doing this will communicate all the right things to grab his attention.

If you tug and pull your hair, you’ll only end up communicating to him that he makes you nervous and uncomfortable. And you don’t want to do this.

Sexy stuff!

2. Part Your Lips

Lift your chin up slightly but keep your lips parted just a bit. It’s supposed to look as if you’re ready to kiss and be kissed, but in a subtle way.

This is actually a pretty serious seductive technique and shouldn’t be used lightly unless you really want a man to do something about it. It communicates to a man that you’re ready for physical contact and that you want him to make a move.

Think of how Marilyn Munroe’s mouth looks in most of her pictures.

Yes, men LOVE THIS kind of body language!

3. Show Off Your Assets

Let me make one thing clear…

The female body is a magnificent instrument for seduction, and it’s in your best interest, if you want to seduce and keep your man happy, that you use everything you’ve got.

No matter how little or how much it is.

And when it comes to holding a man’s attention hostage, nothing does it better than when a woman knows how to make him appreciate her hips.

The best way to go about this is to place one hand firmly on your hip so that you can pull the dress or skirt tight along your cheeks while turning slightly away so that he can appreciate the shape and glory of your buttocks.

Try placing one hand on your stomach to draw attention away from the fact that you’re arching your back (you are arching your back aren’t you?) to make the buttocks seem more noticeable.

Have fun!

4. Lower Your Gaze

Honestly, I don’t know exactly why we men find this sort of body language so irresistible, and I really don’t care!

It works! seduce your man

When a woman drops her eyes it shows that she is “available” to a man’s advances and it also appears to be a kind of sign of submission, which essentially makes a man feel like he’s…the man.

With your head lowered, glance up and give your guy a sexy look as you peer into his eyes for a few moments. Then, when you’re sure that you’ve got his attention, drop your gaze while smiling at the same time.

If you really want to ramp up the sexiness, after dropping your gaze, turn your head slightly in another direction and give him a seductive glance through the corner of your eyes.

Throw in an alluring smile or part your lips while you’re at it.

seduce your man

20 Romantic Things to Say to Your Man

10 Men Describe the Most Romantic Things They've Ever Done

Not too many women are born with the gift of knowing what romantic things to say to a man to make him crave and adore them. While it’s commonly believed that it’s the woman that wants romance and that the man prefers the hot, sticky stuff, the fact is a guy can appreciate a word or three about what he means to you.

And while it’s true that your man may not be “Prince Charming” right now, the reason why he isn’t romantic could be because the relationship just needs a bit more spicing up!


You see, men don’t have a problem with being romanced. You’d be surprised how many men would find a visit from the florist charming. Chocolates? Doesn’t he end up eating the box with you? So why shouldn’t he occasionally want his own? Hey, it’s candy. Sit with him, munching away, and watch the game. It won’t kill ya.

But remember that learning how to seduce your man romantically is all about making him feel as if he can trust you with his all. How? By stroking his ego and making him feel like more of a man around YOU, that’s how.

When it comes to saying romantic things to him, remember that a man still wants to feel like a man. Telling him he’s sensitive and sweet and wonderful is acceptable, but you’re more likely to get your man to love that off-the-cuff statement if it reminds him that, in your world, his masculinity makes your day.

Hopefully, I’m sparking some creative ideas here. Make him a nice card. Send him romantic text messages. Give him a single piece of candy a day to remind him you still think he’s sweet. But don’t ever forget to let him hear it too.

Here are 20 romantic things to say to a man, broken down by category. Don’t use them all in the same week!

Everyday Romance

There isn’t necessarily a wrong time to say romantic things to a man. Why, even during a fight, shouting ‘Listen, babe…I love you’ in the middle of the ranting can cool heads. Or, at the very least, give you both something to laugh about. Whenever the chance arises, make sure to tell him something that will keep him thinking about you for the rest of the day.

1. “I can’t believe I was happy before I met you.”

2. “I know you’ve got my back. It keeps me going.”

3. “I love you.” (call, say it, then hang up)

4. “I don’t want anybody else. I’m done.”

5. “You’re my man!”

Romantic Moments

These are the moments that slip away. That makes it’s more important than ever to find some romantic things to say to him. Whispered sweetly or not, you’ll remind your significant other why you’re the only one he should ever want to look at. On Facebook or anywhere else.

6. “Kiss me.”

7. “I can’t wait to be with you.”

8. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?”

9. “I need you.”

10. “This just wouldn’t be the same without you here.”

Animal Attraction

Like I said, a man likes to feel like a man. Better, he likes to be reminded of it. And, above all else, he likes to know you know he’s YOUR man. Let him catch you checking him out. Don’t ever act like seeing him naked is just another thing you do every day, even if it is. So if you’re looking for a romantic thing to say to a man, try and caress his machismo.

11. “You got a nice ass. I love it!”

12. “Your arms are so warm and strong.”

13. “Just looking at you makes me hot.”

14. “I know it’s going to be okay. I’m in your arms.”

15. “Can I touch you? Just a quick one, please!”

Romantic Lovemaking to seduce your man

If there’s one thing I know, if there’s one thing we all know, he wants to hear you. It can be sweet, sensual, a little sexy, naughty (especially?). The one place where a man needs to be reminded of his manliness is before, after and during those romps between the sheets. You’d think the act itself would be proof of virility, but letting a man know you’re beyond happy and satisfied is paramount.

I don’t know how vocal you are during, but what’s said before could enhance what you get. And a few spicy words afterwards will remind him to go for the higher plateau when the romping begins anew.

16. “Wish there was somewhere to send the kids so I could tear you up.”

17. “Bells and lights went off in my head.”

18. “God, I can’t believe you did that.”

19. “Come here and let me take care of you.”

20. “I thought you were going to have to peel me off the ceiling.”

Never make finding romantic things to say to him work. Recall something that you appreciate about him, no matter how little, and that’s when you let it out. Saying things like, “I do love you, you know. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re so good for me” will make  him feel like he’s all you want and need.

An honest admission of feelings can never be wrong.

Our special someone so often gets overlooked, leaving unspoken feelings to the wayside. If you’re lucky and have that someone, don’t ever forget to make him feel loved at every chance you get.

A little hug. A touch of the hand across the table. Drop that gaze shyly. Let it happen. And whatever’s sitting in your heart let it go with a sweet and romancing expression.

Just remember that when it comes to saying romantic things to a man, there are no boundaries.


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