Love story : Time is Love

Love Story

I’m not very good at telling our story but I will do my best (it’s a little long). I met this great guy, we’ll call him A, when we were freshmen in high school, we didn’t really hang out until later but my best friend thought he was awesome

The first time we officially “met” in my opinion happened when we were 15. I had some friends over while my parents were out of town and my best friend asked if she could invite a few people over, I said fine but when about 11 people showed up I freaked out. I had only just met A, I thought he was very cute but shy, and I still kicked him and everyone else out of my house. He used to joke that I was a real bitch for doing it. After that I started hanging out with his group of friends more and more, and on my 16th birthday the following summer he came to my birthday and we sat and talked and eventually kissed for the first time and he stayed the night after we sat in my bed and talked until we both fell asleep. I was completely smitten. My parents say that I used to say his name with a little swoon. The next time we kissed it was for about 2 or 3 hours, my lips went numb. I wanted to ask him out so I asked our mutual friend to talk to him (we were 16), but our mutual friend had a crush on me and told me A just wanted to sleep with me, he only said this because I had a bad experience with a previous interest.

So A and I didn’t get our chance, we stayed friends and there were so many times where it could have been. He was the only guy I would invite over to stay up until we passed out. We graduated, went to different schools but kept in touch despite losing touch with everyone else in our lives even though we were never really close, there was something there. Apparently everyone knew it, even the guys I dated in college.

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Then after a particularly long stint of us hanging out while I was in the worst relationship of my life A left his poker set at my house. When he left town again to travel and eventually get into a great school I would use it as an excuse to get him to come over when he was back in town, not that he needed an incentive. Last summer I was finally single for the first time in a long time and depressed after a breakup that had happened months ago. He came over to get his poker set and we finally got our chance, we fell in love fast and hard.

It doesn’t end there, he was still going to school in a different state on the other side of the country, but we were finally together and so completely in love… it seems so unfair to the rest of the world. It feels like we are robbing life every day we are together. After a semester of long distance I move across the country and we are now living together very happily.

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