Sweet Love Poems

Sweet Love Poems (Page 1) Sweet love poems are immortal favourites –as timeless as the heartfelt emotions that inspire some to compose, while impelling others to seek affinity through the written word. Find more sweet love poems on the pages that follow:

I Never Had a Diamond

I never had a diamond,

Until I found you, girl,

An emerald, or ruby.

I never had a pearl.

I never had such fortune.

I never fancied to.

But I acquired a treasure

When, girl, when I found you.

A diamond is your virtue;

An emerald, my bliss;

A ruby, our contentment–

So blest I am by this.

And when we toast the future,

We’ll have a perfect pearl.

No, never had I riches,

Until I found you, girl .

The Moon Is Whiter

I believe the moon is whiter

Than it was an hour ago.

Maybe, but I do not know.

Maybe it is only brighter

For the simple reason of

Me, a little earlier,

Falling like a star in love.

I believe the moon is whiter.

Something is the cause of this.

Surely it is pearlier.

That was one sweet good-night kiss.

Sharing in the Candlelight

I consider it a blessing

You are here and near tonight

Sharing in the candlelight…

Sharing in the glowing flame.

Let us give it now a name.

Let us christen it “Desire”

For the reason of its fire.

Nothing else more perfectly

Warms the very heart of me.

I consider it a blessing,

Even from the stars above,

That our eyes are twinkling.

Let us christen it “True Love”.

Field of Yellow Flowers

My soul has gained a memory forever,

A sweet remembrance closely shared with one.

I pray the woven cord will never sever

Between our hearts now glowing in the sun.

Last night beneath the stars we fell in love.

All heaven shone upon this lea for hours.

If angels were not glittering above,

Then this is not a field of yellow flowers.

Someday for Me

Someday for me the very light will dim

And I won’t recognize the falling rain.

Someday your very touch upon my skin

Will fail to stir–a touch will be in vain–

And, like the water on a windowpane,

The life will trickle from me and you’ll sigh

And, as my lessened senses further fade,

You’ll know that I have left you and you’ll cry