How to Spice Up a Long Distance Relationship By Phone or Computer

Are you in love? A big congratulation is in order! If you’re in a serious relationship with someone you’ve met online, or if you are engaged or married and you spend a lot of time apart, you probably feel disconnected sometimes in a long distance relationship.

And because of that, you probably want to know how to spice up a long distance relationship and what you can do to keep the romance alive.

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I’ve been through a similar experience myself. And honestly, I know how hard it is trying to figure out how to make your relationship last over long-distance. Because the less frequently you see each other, the harder it is to keep the romance alive!

And believe me, if you aren’t a ‘plan ahead’ kind of person, it’s even harder to ensure that your lover or spouse knows you are thinking about them. And it’s this disconnected feeling that can lead to all sorts of relationship problems in the future.

Not to worry.

Because with a little creativity and the resources provided by the information highway, you can still keep in touch and remind your partner that you are a ‘couple’, even if you don’t get to spend a lot of time together.

So to help you spice up your relationship and keep the romance alive over the distance, here are a few romantic ways you can use your phone and your computer to keep in touch:

1. Spice Up Your Relationship By Phone

Call the house or your partner’s cell phone and leave a message.

  • Tell them to pick up an item you ordered for them before you left.  Give them the name of the store and the person to see and tell them when the store closes. They will be thrilled to pick up the item, even if it isn’t expensive. It is a great way to surprise your partner!
  • Send them on a scavenger hunt, calling every day to give them things to look for in the house.
  • Tell them you want them to find all the items before you return and if they do, be sure to plan a great surprise for them when you get back.
  • When you get home plan a nice dinner, or a romantic evening in front of the fire, or just share a glass of wine and have him tell you the story of how he looked for and found the items you hid.
  • Leave your partner a message with the name of a book of poems to get at the library.
  • Give your partner the name of the poem or the page number and let them go get the book and read the poem you are ‘sending them’ by long distance.
  • Leave your partner a message with the name of a movie that will be on TV or one you want them to rent at the video store and watch.
  • Tell them what you love about the movie that reminds you of your partner, or the part of the movie that you watched together and loved.
  • Say romantic things to your partner and send them a romantic text message that makes them feel a deep sense of excitement and anticipation for seeing you.
  • Just pick up the phone and call your partner when you know they will be home or at their desk at work. Just say ‘hello’ and ‘I love you’. It means EVERYTHING.

2. Spice Up Your Relationship By Computer

Agree on a time you will both be online and IM or open a chat with your partner, sending romantic pictures or love notes.

  • Have a friend take pictures of you, or take a ‘timed’ picture of yourself.  An inexpensive digital camera is a great tool for exchanging photos online.
  • You can take a picture of yourself at work, at play, or in locations you both love and write silly or romantic captions. Send the pictures by email or during an IM session.
  • Or post them on a free online photo gallery and send your partner the link.
  • Send ‘free’ online email cards with romantic messages.
  • Send a sound file with a copy of a song you both love or a romantic song you want your partner to hear.
  • Send an email ‘diary’ every day with your thoughts from the day and the places or times you thought about your spouse or partner.
  • Send links to websites with beautiful pictures or love poems or quotes about love so your partner can enjoy them.
  • Send your partner a set of specific questions for couples every day that will help you both to grow deeply in love as you learn more and more about each other.

These are just a few romance ideas that can help you spice up a long-distance relationship. Don’t be afraid to try out new things if you feel that your relationship is worth fighting for, because at the end of day, we always get out of a relationship exactly what we put in.


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