5 Terrific Ideas to Make Your First Date a Smashing Success

The first date sets the tone for your relationship. Looking for some great places for a first date is essential for moving your relationship a step ahead.

So you’ve finally found the love of your life and are planning to go out with them on your first official date! No doubt, it’s a great feeling and you’re beyond excited to finally get to spend some time alone with the special person of your dreams. However, keep in mind that the first date is a very important occasion!

A first date is like the pivot upon which the future of your relationship hinges. From this point on, the relationship will go either upwards or downwards. That flickering spark between you will either transform into a bright flame or it will fizzle out entirely. Of course, you’ll want to ensure it takes the former route, so you have to plan your first date accordingly. You need to come up with great places you both can visit together, places that will offer you ample opportunity to connect and bond with each other.

A first date that allows you to discover how special you are for each other is a fundamental building block for your relationship. If your first ever rendezvous goes smoothly, it could be the beginning of many sweet and romantic dates in the future. Every person wants to have someone they love by their side, and a successful first date is an ideal way to ensure that.

The über-useful tips given below should help you in whipping up the perfect first date!

Coming Up With First Date Ideas

Your first date is that make-or-break occasion that could impact the rest of your life! Therefore, you need to spend a lot of time searching for great first date ideas. Don’t limit yourself to the Internet; look to other avenues for ideas as well. Ask around. You parents, siblings, friends and colleagues have likely all gone on dates before, and they can prove valuable sources for tips and tricks you can bring to your own first date.

When collecting ideas about great places to go on your first date, make sure you’re actively involved in everything you plan. Your date is a special person who deserves that you personally make all the arrangements and organize all the activities for the first date. This will make them feel special and loved, and will in turn appreciate you even more.

Where to Go

Planning where to go on a first date can be outrageously hard! There’s so much riding on the success of this one date that it can be tough picking out one place from the million other tempting locales.

Surprise Them

A good option would be to take them on a surprise outing somewhere you know they’d love going. For this, you’ll need an insight into their interests and hobbies. Knowing their tastes and preferences will help you choose a setting where you’ll both be able to enjoy yourselves to the fullest. For instance, if you and your date are both bookworms, you could go to a nearby book fair. You’ll have fun bonding over your love of books and, in any case, shopping for novels together is a perfectly sweet way to cement your relationship.

If your sweetheart is a hopeless foodie, a date filled with visits to lots of eating spots is the best way to go. You could go on a car trip around the city, stopping at various food joints for appetizers, main courses, desserts and finally drinks. Food is a great way to bond with your date. Imagine the thrill of sampling exotic dishes while simultaneously discussing your favourite dishes and restaurants.

If your date is into music, how about visiting the opera for an ultra-romantic evening listening to angelic voices singing soulful beats. Or perhaps you could obtain concert tickets to their favourite rock band. Whoever came up with the quote “music is the food of love” surely deserves a medal—for truer words have never been uttered!

When you take your date to visit places or to do things they love, it gives a special meaning to the outing. Romantic relationships go two ways—you care for your date just as they care for you. You and your partner need to give each other an equal measure of importance if you want to take your precious romance forward. Therefore, the first date should be all about, not just what you want, but what your dates wants too!

Five Great Places to Go On a First Date

If you’re still wondering what’s the best first date idea, here are our top five picks that will help you plan out an impeccable outing your sweetheart is sure to love:

  • Spend A Day At The Beach

Nothing can quite measure up to the romance and passion of a beach date! With its golden sands, cool breezes, azure blue sea and foamy white waves, all capped by a dazzling, golden sun, the beach is the ultimate spot for a first date. Your date will love running through the soft sands and splashing about in the glittering waters. This is a date idea you simply cannot go wrong with, because EVERYBODY loves the beach!

  • Watch The Sunrise

One beach date idea is to go in the early hours of the day and watch the sunrise together. The explosions and bursts of colours that gently paint stunning pictures on the sky’s blank, starry canvas is a true sight to behold and a perfect way to build a relationship! If you prefer, you could even spend all night at the beach and watch the beautiful, panoramic phenomenon together.

  • Beach Picnic

The best thing about a picnic is its convenience element. Find any spot in a park and you’re set! But nothing beats a picnic at the beach! if you’re in the mood for a no-frills outing, simply pack a picnic basket with sandwiches, salads and cold drinks, and you’re all set. But if you’re a couple with expensive tastes, pack up a more lavish and varied spread.

A daytime picnic is fun in itself, but imagine having a nighttime beach picnic! At night, the beach, with its dark, frothing waves and milky white moonlight, looks like a scene from a movie and offers an unparalleled romantic setting! Start a campfire to keep warm and lounge in some relaxing beach chairs. It’s undoubtedly a perfect place to get to know each other better.

  • Fun Strolls On The Beach

If you want to keep your first date even simpler, take a walk along the beach with your loved one. A sunset stroll surrounded by churning waves and skies decorated with blazing red and burnt orange hues is a great first date that’s simple yet meaningful! Hold hands, take off your shoes and wade into the shallow pools. Bring out your inner child, and have fun scooping handfuls of water at each other and getting all wet.

  • Water Sports

Everyone has a sporty side; bring out yours for a perfect beach date. Spend an exciting, fun-filled day playing all sorts of beach sports with your partner. Race each other on the sand, play beach games like volleyball or simply have fun throwing around a Frisbee. Build sandcastles, take donkey rides, eat cotton candy and buy food from snack stands. Indulging in such thrilling activities makes for an amazing first date and it will also enable you both to become closer together over your shared sense of fun.

  • Go For A Trip To The Countryside

Your first date is all about spending time together and getting to know one another. Spending a day or a weekend in the country is the perfect way to recharge and to spend that precious alone time with your sweetheart. Leave the bustle and noise of the city behind and retreat into the peace and tranquility that a cottage in the country offers.  If you’re a city person at heart, you’re likely not overly thrilled about spending time in the quiet and remote country areas. However, do not fear, there are a million things you can do to keep you occupied in the country!

  • Horse Back Riding

Horses are some of the most magnificent creatures in the world. Spending a few days at the local stables with these gentle giants is a perfect idea for an equestrian first date. Go riding out on the beautiful, wild country trails with your partner and enjoy a relaxing day getting to know them. If you love horses but have never learned to ride, you could take short riding courses together. Who knows, your love of horses might lead you to discover you are soul mates!

Another great place for a first date is a polo match. Fun, adventure, sports, horses, and romance—all in one place!

  • Fruit Picking

Who says you can’t combine work and love? Fruit picking is the quintessential country activity and it’s the perfect way to strengthen your relationship. The countryside is full of beautiful orchards lined with neat rows of fruit trees, which make an incredible setting for a romantic getaway. Spend sunny days picking delicious, ripe fruit from trees, surrounded by all the marvels of the Great outdoors!

Here’s your chance to indulge in your love for the countryside, with your special person by your side, and feast on ripe fruits in the process!

  • Country Walks

In the country, you’ll find some of the most beautiful walks, paths and tracks filled with a profusion of flora and fauna. Take leisurely strolls along these tracks and spend long hours chatting with your date on all manner of topics. Soak up the sun, bathe in one of the shallow streams along your path and have romantic picnics under shady trees. All these first date ideas will make your countryside jaunt a memorable occasion you’ll cherish for life!

  • Go Biking

When you’re in the country and you don’t want to go for long strolls, hire two bikes for you and your date and go on an exploratory mission. Biking is a fun way to soak in all the splendours around you, and you talk endlessly with your sweetheart as you ride along.

  • Cavorting At The Carnival

Everyone enjoys a day out at the fair or the carnival. And it works wonders in bringing two lovebirds together! If you’ve been searching great first date ideas like crazy, keep it safe but creative with a hot carnival date! We all have that childish side that is normally hidden as we go about our daily tasks, but a day at a fair is a great way to unleash that inner child. Have a fun-filled first date by indulging in endless thrilling activities that a colourful fair offers!

  • Rides

Fairs usually have an endless list of rides. Roller coasters, Ferris wheels, carousals, you name it! Enjoy your first date to the fullest by taking a turn on all the rides. Laughter and excitement are great elements to strengthen your mutual compatibility. And what better way to do that than at a carnival?

  • Carnival Food

Nothing can beat out the delicious food you find at a funfair! Cotton candy, funnel cakes, hot dogs, French fries, elephant ears, corn on the cob, corn dogs, popcorn, candy apples, donuts, ice creams—and so much more! Indulge your taste buds by visiting all sorts of fair stands with your date and eating all these yummy foods.

  • Games!

Loads and loads of them! Turn your competitive mode on with exhilarating carnival games such as Bingo, Darts, Shuffleboard, Plate Break, Can Can, Floating Beach Ball, Ladder Climb, Pool Shark, Money Wheel, Whac-A-Mole, Skeeball, Five Pin Bowling, Bulldozer, Ring Toss, and many more! Carnival games are anyone’s up of tea, but for new sweethearts, these activities take on a whole new meaning.

  • Soak Up History In A Museum

If you and your partner are history buffs, there’s no better place for a perfect first date than a museum. It’s a great way to brush up on your history skills, while brushing up on your romantic skills at the same time! Moreover, museum dates serve an astute purpose. First dates can sometimes get awkward. You might find yourself fishing for clever topics to discuss with your partner and come up empty. Museums are full of interesting curios, and consequently offer lots of first date topics you can converse on.

  • Visit Your Favourite Category

There are so many types of museums, it’s mind blowing! Aerospace, Astronomy, Archaeological, Jewelry, Wax, Toy, Natural history, Music, Performing arts, to name just a few. Choose a category you both can enjoy and spend a whole day studying the exhibits displayed. You’ll learn lots of fun stuff while simultaneously spending some alone time with your beloved. Double win!

  • Take A Trip To An Art Gallery

One of the great places to go on a first date is your local art gallery. The walls are lined with interesting paintings you can discuss if you’re running short of topics. If you and your date are art lovers, it’s the perfect first date spot where you can look at and talk about your favourite art pieces. And hey, even if you’re despairingly clueless about art, you can simply walk around, occasionally making harmless jokes about some of the more bizarre displays!

  • The Extras

Museums usually have a souvenir shop that sell interesting books, art pieces, postcards and other curios. Once you’ve had enough of statues and paintings for a day, you can come and look for interesting mementos to buy. Or you can head over to the museum café where you can grab some snacks, coffee and cold drinks that you’ll definitely be craving after all that walking around!

  • The Skating Rink

One of the best ways to break the ice on a first date is to visit the skating rink. It’s affordable, convenient and absolute, unmitigated fun! Skating rinks are filled with couples on dates, and you’ll find plenty of young people to chill out with. So there goes your worry about conversation starters!

  • Enjoy A Day Of Fun In The Snow

What better way is there to celebrate the joys of winter than by taking your sweetheart to a frozen rink, where you can have fun frolicking around on your skates? If you are an ace skater, you can teach your partner the moves. If neither of you knows how to skate, well now’s a perfect time to learn together, isn’t it? Play about, hold hands, tease each other at your individual techniques, laugh carelessly and have full-on fun together! A day of fun in the snow is sure to reinforce your connection and help you bond over your mutual sense of jocularity and playfulness.

  • Savour Some Delicious “Icy” Snacks

After hours of lighthearted fun in the icy sleets, you are sure to be feeling cold and tired. Visit one of the nearby snack stalls and warm up with some steaming tea, cocoa or hot chocolate. Or drop by at a nearby fast food joint and enjoy some delicious burgers and fries. If you want to keep it traditional and intimate, you could go home and eat some roasted chestnuts wile curled up together on the sofa in front of a roaring fire. What a perfect way spend a cozy afternoon together!


Well, folks! These are our favourite picks when it comes to great places for a first date. Selecting any one of them is a surefire way to make your first date a success!

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