How To Write An Unforgettable Romantic Love Letter

Learning how to write a romantic love letter isn’t that difficult if you already understand the simple basics of normal letter writing. The difficulty for most people comes from expressing themselves fully with the right words.

But here’s some good advice:

There are no rules to writing a romantic love letter!

Truthfully, a lot of resources on the web try to make it seem as if you have to be an exceptional writer or have to have perfect penmanship to write a romantic love letter. Seriously, although you want to put your best foot forward and put some work into it, just relax and have fun. The more nervous and anxious you are, the more difficult it will to express yourself.

So instead of going into details about choosing the “right” kind of paper, ink, and envelope for a romantic love letter, we’ll focus on the actual writing of the letter in such a way as to stir emotion and to invoke the right response from the one you love.

It’s true that not everyone is a natural born writer, but with some practice and a bit of emotional digging, anyone can craft a beautiful love letter to the one that they love. And while learning how to write a romantic love letter may seem daunting at first, with these quick and easy steps, you’ll find yourself expressing your deepest and truest feelings in no time at all.

Step 1 – Appearance

First, decide on how you will go about presenting your letter. Because the very nature of a love letter is very personal and from the heart, it is best to write them rather than type them out if you can.

Choose paper that is soft and comes across as elegant in style. A good option may be to choose card stock, since it is more durable and may last longer.

And for an uncomplicated solution, a simple black ink pen will be more than enough to get what’s in your heart onto the page.

Step 2 – Relaxation and Inspiration

When you sit down to write the letter, ensure that you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Remember, we want our letter to be from the heart and full of cheerfulness and passion, and a relaxed mind and body is better for expressing yourself in words.

If you find that music helps you to relax and to get your creative juices flowing, put some on. You can even go a bit further and choose music that will remind you of some of the great memories that you and your lover has shared, like the first time you met or some other romantic memory.

The secret to writing a great love letter is all about finding the right words to express your emotion in order to invoke a desired emotion in the other person. And a love letter written to the sound of beautiful and inspiring music is a great way to do this.

Step 3 – Greetings

You should be informal with your greetings and write your greetings based on the nature of your relationship. For instance, if you have a lovable nickname for them like “Honey Bear”, you should use it in the greetings.

For example:

  • My dearest Honey Bear,
  • My Knight and King,
  • My lovely darling,
  • My beloved,

These are just examples, but remember, be fun, sweet, and creative when choosing your greeting.

Step 4 – The Introduction

Begin the letter with a short and sweet reason as to why you are writing it. Perhaps you were looking at some pictures of the two of you and you began to become excited about seeing your loved one again.

Perhaps you were listening to a song that reminded you of the person, or maybe something someone said made you think of a special time you two shared.

Remember, there are NO RULES to writing a romantic love letter. So when you’ve found your reason for wanting to write the person, simply let them know in a fun and creative way. Here’s an example:

“Today I drove passed our favorite beach today, and I began to think of you. I smiled the entire time as I drove the length of the beach, but somehow, it felt as if I was flying. Do you remember that day at the beach? I can never forget it. It was the first time in my life that I’ve felt…….paradise.”

Letting the other person know that they are the reason for the letter is a great way to capture their interest right away.

Step 5 – The Body

This is where things get personal and you do your best to describe how you feel. Remember, there is no wrong way to express yourself. If you’re not a poet, don’t try to be. Your lover will appreciate your authenticity more than anything.

If you speak in short words, then write your letter in short and sweet words that get right to the point. But if you’re more graceful in how you express yourself to people, then go right ahead and write your romantic love letter the same way. As with everything in life, just be yourself!

And as you write your letter, remember that every human being on this earth needs and wants appreciation, attention, and affection. If you can deliver these things with your words and emotions, you will be able to write a successful romantic love letter.

Now, although there are no rules to writing a romantic love letter, there are certain writing techniques that are used to help bring out emotions in peoples. For instance, a good way to provoke emotion in the other person is through the use of a shared past memory, or even by creating a future memory in their minds.

Use clear and expressive language to describe the memory as vividly as possible. You want to actually take the other person there with you in their mind, making it as real to them as possible.

Also, when you want to express how you feel about the other person, use beautiful comparisons that are from the heart. Be sincere in your imagery by using descriptions that appeal to you, and that will compliment the one you love.

Depending on the kind of emotions you desire to evoke from your loved one, your romantic love letter doesn’t have to be all serious. In fact, by adding in some romantic teasing, you can make the letter an unforgettable joy to read and reflect on.

A few more quick tips for putting together your romantic love letter:

  • Ladies, guys love compliments that illustrate what you appreciate most about them. Talk about his strengths and character and how much you adore simply being in his presence, he will love to hear this from you.
  • Guys, your lady needs to know that she is the object of your affection and attention. Reassure her of her incalculable value to you, and remind her of the fact that she is the most indispensible and irreplaceable person in your life.
  • Try recalling memories of some of the things you two did together that may have been firsts, such as your first kiss or the first time you met each other.
  • Consider talking about how your life has changed for the better ever since they came into your life.
  • Write about some of the many things that you two may have in common, and how these things have brought the both of you closer together.

Step 6 – Poem Quotes and Song Lyrics

If you want to add some romantic quotes or love song lyrics to your romantic love letter go right ahead. If there is a romantic love quote that will help you to convey your emotions, search the internet for it and weave it beautifully into your letter.

Song lyrics are also great when writing a romantic love letter, especially a song that is personal to both you and your loved one. And although the love letter is personal and tailor made, because we are going for a more romantic mood and feeling, it is suggested that the song be more romantic in nature than erotic.

Make sure that you give credit to your quotes rather than making yourself sound like the “poetic genius”. It will show that you took the time to find the words to express how you feel, even if some of those words came from another source.

Step 7 – Closing

Make sure that your closing is also informal and personal to the one you love. Here are a few examples:

  • With all my love, Dan
  • Your chivalrous knight, Sean
  • Your loving wife, Jennifer
  • From my heart to yours, Sophia

Final Thoughts

Here are a few more quick thoughts for finishing up your romantic love letter:

  • Be neat, because although you do not need remarkable penmanship you would want to do your best to make your handwriting as neat and as legible as possible.
  • Check your letter over and over to ensure that it is free from simple spelling errors. In fact, if you really want a “perfect” letter then you can write up a rough draft first and then finalize it later.
  • Proofread it and make sure that the words you’ve used convey your emotions as best as possible. Sometimes we may add more words than necessary to express the way we feel, or we may not say what we wanted to say due to anxiousness when we first started writing. Remember, practice makes perfect.
  • And last of all, have fun, be yourself, and be emotional. It takes courage to write a sincere love letter with true emotion. We expose and open ourselves to the best and worst of others, but isn’t that what true love is all about?

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