How To Romantically Kiss A Woman

For those guys out there who have no idea what a romantic kiss is, have no fear. The purpose of this article is to help any guy become a master romantic kisser with just a few short tips. There are variations to the romantic kiss of course, but the kind of romantic kiss referred to in this case is the SENSUAL romantic kiss.

What Is The Romantic Kiss?

First things first, we need to define exactly what kind of romantic kissing we’re talking about. Truth this, a romantic kiss is many things all at once. But if you want to build passion with your woman, these romantic kissing tips will help you to do just that.

A deep and passionate romantic kiss begins slowly, soft, and subtle and then develops into a complete and deep passionate expression of desire. The purpose of a romantic kiss isn’t simply to fulfill a need to display your desire for your woman or even to fulfill your own passions, at least not at first anyway.

The purpose of a romantic kiss is to create a complete experience for both you and your woman. It must build intense emotions that will both melt your woman’s heart and her body as well. The idea is to make her eager for you, more comfortable, and captivated by your touch.

Romantic kisses are supposed to be unforgettable, unique, and even rare. Remember that romance in many cases is more about the experience of mystery, adventure, and longing. So with this in mind, focus on building desire her desire at first rather than just fulfilling it.

And yes, romantic kissing can accomplish all of this once you learn how to do effectively.

Now, here are the romantic kissing tips to help you seduce, excite, entice, and captivate your woman completely:

Begin Gently

First, begin the romantic kissing by kissing her soft, very softly on her lips. Keep in mind that different women want to be kissed differently. This is something that we try to convey throughout this site.

When it comes to love and romance, there isn’t really any one size fits all. And the same applies for romantic kissing. So in order to kiss her right, let her lead a bit. Feel her out. That is the main mission in the beginning. Allow her lips to “tell” you how she wants to be kissed and what she wants you to do next.

As you are softly kissing her, trace your fingers slowly along her neck and the sides of her face. Feel her out to see if your woman enjoys it. If she hints that she wants you to use your tongue then begin to do so, but slowly at first. How will you know for sure? Don’t worry, you’ll know.

Romantic Touching

While feeling out her deepest romantic desires, touch her body sensually while you are still softly kissing her. Embrace her gently at first, and as you touch her body, get a sense of what is turning her on. When you do, do more of it, but in a teasing way. This is a great way to learn her body and emotions at the same time while building an intense desire with your romantic kissing.

The keyword here is to savor the moment. Savor the romantic kissing, and savor the romantic touching. Be subtle, be soft, and savor. Keep this in mind when seducing your woman romantically.

Romantically Explore Her

When she appears to be really in the mood sensually and comfortable, arouse her even more by kissing her more places than just her lips. Remember to feel her out and find what turns her on the most. Softly kiss her shoulders, her hands, her cheeks, her neck, and her collar bone. Kiss her ears, but only continue doing so if she enjoys it.

Remember to savor, and to think of your romantic kisses as “melting butter”.

Make patterns with your kisses as you go along, enjoy yourself. Make the exploration of her body with your lips something adventurous and delicate. And to truly display your undying affection for her, kiss her in the middle of her forehead.

There aren’t many women in the world who dislike affectionate romantic kisses on their foreheads. In any event, your lovely lady will let you know if she likes it or not. But remember that as you do all of this you must be confident with your romantic kissing and touching. Learn her body, entice her desires, and captivate her mind.

Use Your Senses

Begin to use all of your senses as you begin to feel her getting more aroused. Drink deep of each moment by softly smelling her neck. Skim the surface of her shoulders and neck and smell her, but do so in a sensual and romantic way of course.

If you’re going no further than kissing at this stage, then end it just as subtly as you began. Move slowly away from her lips and kiss her behind her ears, then whisper romantic things into her ears to really savor the moment. Make sure to say something sensual, sexy, yet sweet and thoughtful all at the same time.

Make Her Feel…

Read this article again until you fully get what’s going on here. Be romantic, be fun, and keep her mind and body GUESSING! You’re a man, and your job is to make her FEEL like a woman. Romantic kissing must make her feel wanted, delicate, and captivated.

But just remember that no kissing guide or website can give you a complete manual to romantic kissing simply because different women (and men) enjoy doing and receiving different displays of affection.

But with these romantic kissing tips firmly in mind, any man can master the art of romantic kissing while tailoring his kissing and touching to match the physical and emotional desires of the woman of his choice.

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