How to Romance a Man – 5 Ideas to Make Him Crave More of You

The constant question on every woman’s mind that wants to become the apple of a man’s eye is simply this…

What do men want from women?

The answer to this question is something that all women need to know when it comes to relationships. And it’s important that a woman ensures that her man knows that she’s the most amazing thing that ever happened to him, whether they’ve been together two months or twenty years.

So what does a man want from a woman? And how can she use this knowledge to make him crave and desire her even more?

Well, let’s find out!

I’ve compiled a list of the five most foolproof, simplest ways to romance a man. Use anything on this list and your man will be telling his friends that he’s the luckiest man on earth to have such a cool, fun, gorgeous wife/girlfriend/fiancé that knows how to romance a man.

Learning how to be irresistible your man will make your relationship the best it has ever been. So begin implementing these ideas today in your relationship:

1. Do something unexpected for him.
2. Plan a night that’s all about him from start to finish.
3. Surprise him with a weekend getaway with all his favorite activities planned.
4. Take an interest in something he loves.
5. Say Something Nice about his Mom

1. Do the Unexpected

Men love the unexpected because they think they know what to expect. You will knock his socks off and make him want you more than ever by something he never saw coming. For example, he probably thought you weren’t paying attention the time he mentioned he loves peanut butter cups, especially if they’ve been in the freezer for a while.

Keeping a stock of frozen peanut butter cups in your freezer will make him feel like you believe everything he says is important, even when he thinks he’s making idle conversation. He will feel appreciated and loved.

2. Make it all About Him

When my husband and I plan a date night, which is more complicated now that we have two little girls, it never fails that when I ask him what he wants to do and where he wants to go that he replies, “Oh, I don’t care. As long as I’m with you, anything is great.” Of course choosing what I want to do that night is always fun (for me) but sometimes you need to surprise him.

Next time he throws the old, “Whatever you want is fine” at you, surprise him by taking him to his favorite restaurant and sitting at the bar so you can order drinks and watch the game or the sports highlights. See the movie you know is going to be awful but that he’s going to love. I promise you, he will never find you more attractive than he will on this night.

3. Getaway for the Weekend

Surprise him with a trip this weekend to his favorite city; make reservations at his favorite restaurant – or any restaurant with a big steak on the menu – and call in a tee time at a local golf course. Doing something that is all about him will make him feel appreciated, loved and it is exactly how to make him want you.

4. Love his Love

My husband is a huge college football fan. I love our team and always have, but I know little about other teams. My husband, on the other hand, loves to talk sports with me and used to become frustrated with me when I nodded and smiled politely, while clearly not listening to him. Once, he asked me if I thought sitting in the fitting room at Saks watching me try on dresses and listening to me break down his opinion of me was fun for him.

It isn’t, but he does it anyway because he loves me and wants to make me happy. I then made it my mission to take an interest in football, because I do like it I just never paid much attention to it. When I looked at my husband a few weeks later and quoted some stats to him that I learned from watching Sports Center and reading my new football apps, he practically attacked me with desire because he’d never found me sexier than he did as I talked football with him.

5. Adore His Family

Say something nice about his mom and he will love you forever. Men love their mothers. The first time I met my now mother in law, I told my husband that I thought she was amazing and that even if we didn’t work out, I’d be keeping her on my speed dial. He told me years later that he knew he would marry me the minute I told him that I liked his mom, because he could never want a woman that didn’t love his family.

The Tender Way of Showing Your Affection

Learning how to romance a man is not difficult. It just requires you really listen to him, figure out his needs, and make him feel like the most important person on earth. Deep down inside every man wants a woman who just ‘gets him.’

Learning about the five love languages can enrich every relationship in your life, but especially romantic relationships. If you feel that you and your partner are having difficulty connecting, communicating in his or her primary love language can get things turned in the proper direction.

If your relationship is tense, be willing to take the first step toward correcting it by reaching out to your partner.

Misunderstandings About Physical Affection

One frequently misunderstood love-style is the love language of physical touch. This style is misunderstood because many people, especially men, assume that their language is touch because they crave sexual intimacy so intensely. However, merely enjoying sex does not mean that one’s primary language is physical affection.

In order to tell the difference, consider whether sex makes you feel loved, or just makes you feel good. Also consider whether other forms of touch make you feel loved as well. People who need physical affection feel loved through back rubs, hugs, or holding hands, and not only sexual expression.

Does your partner touch you frequently, or is he always leaning in for a quick kiss? Does she always want to hold your hand, rub your back, or is she constantly asking you to play with her hair? If so, your partner’s love language is most likely physical touch.

This does not mean that you are obligated to have sex every night, even when you are too tired to stay awake after dinner. But it does mean that your partner needs your touch as much as you may need quality conversation, a thoughtful anniversary gift, or a weekly date night.

Filling your partner’s need for love by speaking his or her love language is vital to a happy and healthy relationship.

Doctors and scientists have long understood that children need to be touched and held in order to thrive emotionally and physically. When people experience a crisis, they tend to hold hands and hug to express the depths of their feelings.

Those who need physical affection to feel love tap into the basic human need for touch on a regular basis.

Becoming an Affectionate Person

So how do you do this, especially if you are not naturally an affectionate, demonstrative type of person? The first step is to consciously begin to touch your partner as often as you can. To make physical affection a habit, begin counting the number of touches you can give to your partner each day, perhaps setting a daily goal.

After physical affection has become a habit, begin to get creative. Think of new ways to touch your partner. Ask your partner which touch he really likes the best.

When she is washing dishes, come up behind her and slip your arms around her, kissing the back of her neck. Ask if she would like for you to brush her hair. Don’t forget to offer plenty of back rubs or foot massages.

Be sure to reach for his hand while riding in the car, sitting in a waiting room, or listening to music. Cuddle next to him on the sofa while watching a movie or reading a book. Squeeze his arm while sitting next to him, and don’t forget to comment on the size of his bicep.

Follow Your Partner’s Lead

Make sure you pay attention to what types of touch he does not like as well. Some people do not like to be tickled or have certain parts of their bodies touched. Others dislike people close to their faces, so make sure that you are respecting your partner’s personal preferences.

A loving touch can take many forms in a relationship. While sexual intimacy is one form of loving touch, the number of dialects in the love-style of physical touch is innumerable, limited only by your imagination.

While all five love languages are important to a relationship, learn how to express your love in the way that your partner will understand it best. If his language is physical affection, study his likes and dislikes in order to express the depths of your love in a way that he can understand it best.

By speaking the language of love in your partner’s favorite dialect, your relationship will be richer, happier, and more fulfilling.

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