How to Impress Your Woman and Make Her Desire You More

Guys, it’s as simple as this. If you want to build a healthy relationship and maintain an attraction with any woman, you’re going to have to learn the art of making her desire you each and every day. It’s a lot more fun than you think, so don’t worry.

Let’s face it, women are puzzles. But puzzles are fun! This is the approach that you must take when trying to impress your woman in order to create desire within her. Learn to see it as an exciting challenge, because you’ll actually grow more as a man in your desire to impress her.

So if you want to learn how to impress your woman and make her desire you more as a capable lover, just follow this love tip and you’ll be sure to solve the riddle that is your woman.

Go the Extra Mile for Her

Hopefully you guys understand the importance of a man’s character in making her desire you, but now it’s time to focus on her. And here’s the basic idea of going the extra mile for her:

Become exceedingly efficient, competent, and a master of getting things done to make her life easier and her experiences with you unforgettable.

There’s no better way to say it. If you want to impress your woman and make her desire you more, learn what it is that she needs to make her life better and easier, and make it your duty to do so.

Don’t confuse this idea for thinking that you must bend to her every whim and request. Of course not, that’s why the first thing a man needs to impress his woman is a strong character. With a strong character, a man can confidently see to it that his woman’s needs are met while ensuring that all solutions are win-win.

Going out of your way to make her life more enriching will communicate to her that you truly love and care for her as an individual, and that you are the most thoughtful, creative, and resourceful man in the world.

And let’s face it; thoughtfulness, creativity, and resourcefulness are all admirable traits in a man. And most, if not all women truly desire to be with a man that has such qualities.

It’s important to understand the needs of your woman and go about the relationship meeting those needs and enriching her life. This will require much more thought and creativity on your part.

For example, women need some kind of romance in order to feed their emotions and build their desire in a relationship. Your role as a man should be to create memorable experiences for the both of you as you intensify her passion for you.

And let’s consider chores or menial tasks. If you know there’s something that could be done to make her life much easier in this regard, then take the initiative in doing so.

Each relationship is different, and the requirements of happiness for any woman may vary, but just remember this: If you’re not consciously going out of your way to make her life more enriching, then you’re probably not doing a good job at impressing her and making her desire you.

What Women Really Want From Men

The age old question that is faced by men all over the world is this: What is it that women want from men?

To be honest with you, the answers are endless. And because there are billions of women in the world, they all may want different things.

However, when it all boils down to it, a man is simply a man and a woman is simply a woman. And being the human creatures that we are, there are certain things that both men and women want that for the most part of non-negotiable.

In other words, these are built-in needs that rise both from our primal desires and our human nature.

So to simplify things a bit, the question men should ask is this: What do women want from men in a non-negotiable, primal, and natural way?

Well, here’s the answer:

The main thing that a woman wants from a man is the experience of feeling like a woman. She wants to lose herself in her femininity, and the only way she can feel this feminine experience is when a man acts like…..a man.

Women are feminine creatures by nature, no matter what society says. It’s natural, and the more feminine a woman feels around a man, the more comfortable, secure, and desirable she will feel. This is the experience that women are yearning for from men.

The more masculine a man is the more feminine he will make the women around him feel. And the term masculine in this case refers to a man’s character and his behavior.

And the best way for a man to develop a more masculine demeanor is to consciously go about building his character.

The Masculine Character and Women

This is as straight forward as it gets. Guys, if you want to really impress your wife, girlfriend, or perhaps a woman that you want to attract, the first thing you must do is focus on building your character.

Women love strong masculine men. And this doesn’t have much to do with physical strength (although that does make a difference), but strength of character.

A woman wants to know that she can be sure of her experience with you. She wants to know that she can depend on you in good times (temptations), and in bad times (conflict). In other words, she wants to be assured that she’s with a MAN through and through.

A woman wants to know that you can make her feel desirable, secure, feminine, and beautiful. And the more masculine you are in character, the easier it will be to naturally make her feel this way.

And in terms of romance, the masculine man becomes a chivalrous lover to his woman.

How to Build a Manly Character

Character building for a man is perhaps the most important task in his life. Believe it or not, the kind of life you lead and the kind of woman you’ll attract (and keep) will all depend on who you are as a man.

All of your results in life will be based on who you are to your core. Your train of thought, your automatic reactions to situations, and how you deal with conflict and other people are all linked to your character.

Women are more attracted to a man’s character and personality than they are by his looks, possessions, or achievements. And a good woman has an inherent ability to see a man for what he truly is on the inside.

With this knowledge, it is the best interest of any man to focus on the development of his character and personality first and foremost.

Here are a few character building tips for men:

1.      Start a new challenging hobby, something that you can see yourself becoming really good at, as this will build your own manly confidence.

2.      Develop a new skill or an old talent and use it as a means to further you in your career in your business.

3.      Travel with your woman and plan an unforgettable experience with her. Take the initiative and see to it that her life is filled with romantic fun and adventure.

4.      Set a challenging goal for yourself and commit yourself to attaining it. This will help you to build character and will show your woman that you are goal-driven and ambitious.

5.      Join or gym or a sport team and develop your body. This is a sure way to both build your own manly confidence while impressing your woman with your new physique.

6.      Read more books that will propel you forward in life. Try to get more reading done in the year. Any book that will aid in your personal development will help you to build a stronger character.

7.      Find some friends that will help you excel in life. Join a social club where men gather and find ways to add value to the gathering and to your community.

8.      Be creative in your love life and treat your woman as if she were the most important person on earth (isn’t she?). Come up with fun and creative ways to show your affection.

9.      Take charge of situations on your job or at home. Offer up suggestions to solve conflicts, be the first one to make a move, and take more initiative.

10.  Go above and beyond the call of duty in your love life and develop your manly resourcefulness in your relationship. Learn what really makes your woman tick and ensure that her needs are met even before she realizes she had one.

Building character is important for any man who is looking to create more desire in his woman, and more happiness in his own life.

When a man goes about his life consciously building his character and making himself and the world around him a better place, he shows his woman that he is a man through and through, and that she can count on him in times of need.

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