How to French Kiss in 8 Simple Steps

French kissing — the very name evokes romance and glamor touched with a bit of mystery. While it’s true that there are a wide variety of kissing techniques, none of these as much curiosity, enticing excitement and pure pleasure as french kissing. Likewise, opinions on how to french kiss vary from person to person — because, after all, no type of kissing is more profoundly intimate.

I like to think of french kissing tips as being adaptable; after all, everyone has his or her own private fantasies and preferences. But no matter what types of kissing techniques are used, it’s important to remember that, first and foremost, a true french kiss involves the entire being; it’s no wonder that literature has always referred to a french kiss as a “soul kiss.”

If you’re not sure how to french kiss, or you think you may be doing it wrong, the best way to find out is to gauge your partner’s response; if they seem to enjoy it, then you’re doing it right. Likewise, communication, as in all acts of love and romance, is key — and remember, sometimes there’s nothing sexier than talking about sex, so don’t be afraid to discuss it and find out your partner’s french kissing preferences.

I’ve laid the groundwork and probably got you wondering about technique, so let’s talk about that. There are a few basic french kissing tips to keep in mind; you and your partner can probably come up with a few of your own as you become more experienced.

1. Warm up to it.

The perfect french kiss isn’t something that can be rushed. How many of us have horror stories of the guy (or girl) who lunged at us, pulled our lips apart and tried to plunge their tongue all the way down to our tonsils? As grotesque as this sounds, nearly all of us have experienced it, haven’t we? This is the perfect example of how not to do it; just remember, when you’re using your muscles too much, or using any force whatsoever, you’re doing it wrong.

2. Brush your partner’s lips with your tongue.

Okay, now we’re getting into some real technique here. There’s nothing sexier than someone gently brushing, and then softly licking, your lips. As you continue, you’ll be able to gauge how ready your partner is for french kissing, which leads to the next step…

3. Make sure it’s mutual.

It may sound late in the day to figure this out, but if you’re truly in tune with your partner, you’ll know whether or not the time is right for french kissing. If your partner starts to pull away, pull back yourself a bit and go back to the brushing and licking until your partner is ready; if your partner still isn’t ready, then save it for another time. With french kissing, timing is everything, and the bit of kissing you did today will serve to fuel your partner’s imagination for more.

4. Open your partner’s mouth gently with your lips.

Never, never use your tongue to force your partner’s mouth open. This goes back to the first rule about not using your muscles too much. As the excitement builds, your partner’s lips will probably open naturally of their own accord—which makes it even more exciting.

5. Once your partner’s mouth is open, don’t plunge.

That goes back to the first rule as well, doesn’t it? I don’t want this to be a list of “don’ts,” so this will be the last one, I promise. But the whole point of french kissing is to experience the ultimate in romance, and there is nothing romantic about plunging — at least, not yet anyway.

6. Use the tip of your tongue for the utmost excitement.

In kissing, as in sexual intercourse, excitement builds. Gently brushing the tips of your tongues is one of the most exciting, sensual acts in all of lovemaking. If you don’t believe me, try it next time — it’s deliciously addicting.

7. Know when to take it to the next level.

Now it’s time to start adapting everything to the intensity of the situation — which includes gradually—and I mean gradually—using your tongue to more fully envelope your partner’s mouth. Once again, make sure your partner is ready — or at least, ready to be persuaded.

8. Don’t be afraid to get hot and heavy.

Okay, this is the time when I take back some of the things I said in the first step. Now is the time to plunge — but there’s a way to do it without it seeming like a plunge. When it’s getting intense, your partner is probably going to be as ready for the two of you to explore each other’s mouths fully with tongue and lips. If you’ve built to the moment properly, then it’s the culmination of french kissing — and if you’re doing it right, believe me, you’ll both know it.

French kissing is one of the most pleasurable acts imaginable, especially when two people are on the same mutual level of emotional and physical understanding. While it may take a bit of time for you or your partner to get to that level with each other, it’s worth the wait. After all, if you know how to french kiss, you truly know how to make love.

Love Tips for Perfectly Timing Your Romantic Kisses

It’s one thing to know how to become a better kisser, but it’s another thing to know when and how to apply those kissing techniques in the proper romantic setting.

We all know that a romantic moment can be destroyed because of bad timing. An alarm clock ringing at the wrong time or a screaming child can both kill the romantic moment on the stop.

And the same applies for an ill-timed kiss.

For women, a good kisser is an irresistible lover. A man who understands how and when to tantalize his woman with sensual and seductive kisses will have her begging for more, which is exactly what every guy wants.

The same applies for women as well. Men love both tender and passionate kisses from his chosen lady. In fact, men are just as turned on (if not more) by a great kisser. And every man loves a woman who knows how and when to express her feminine sensuality through her kisses.

So here are two quick tips for helping you choose the right kiss for the right moment:

1. Use Romantic Intelligence

The secret to becoming an irresistible kisser lies in using your romantic intelligence to feel the moment and act when the time is right.

Ever seen a romantic kiss in the movies? You probably have. The one thing that they all have in common is that each kiss is different based on the romantic situation and setting.

For example, is your partner in need of a sweet comforting kiss or a passionate enticing kiss? Can you tell the difference?

If your spouse or partner comes home from a long and difficult day at work, your choice of kiss and romantic expression can have a great effect on their mood.

This is why knowing your partner and empathizing with them is so important. By understanding them, you can better cater their romantic needs and desires in that moment.

Become a master at knowing what kind of romantic kiss will be best for putting your partner in either a good mood or a more romantic mood.

2. Use Variety Often, Don’t Be Boring!

There will be some situations where it is much more appropriate and desirable to give and receive a quick romantic kiss on the lips. And at other times it may be better to tantalize your lover with kisses on their neck.

But become a master of affectionate surprises.

For example ladies, sometimes a man may want his woman to wrap her arms around his neck in order to pull him in closer to her. A man may also want his woman to caress his chest and arms as she becomes enraptured in the moment.

Every man wants to know that you’re enjoying the moment. And by communicating that enjoyment through a firm caress that says “I love this, and I want MORE!” you’ll ensure that he keeps the passionate kisses coming.

And for you guys, depending on the situation, your woman may enjoy being pushed against the wall, passionately kissed, and sensually caressed in a firm but gentle way from her lover.

Or there may be times when she may prefer to be approached and firmly embraced from behind, as you kiss her neck first before cradling her face for a romantic kiss.

Knowing what to do in different romantic settings comes with practice. And as you learn more and more about what turns your partner on, you’ll know when it’s the right time to use one of your irresistible kissing techniques on them.

Remember, the idea is simply to mix things up, relax, and have fun. So whatever you do, don’t let your kisses become a boring routine to your partner.

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