What Are The Signs Of A Cheating Girlfriend? 23 Signs


Have you become suspicious of your girlfriend’s behaviour towards you? Do you feel that she may be losing interest and falling out of love with you?

You may also be worrying that she is seeing someone else. So what are the signs of a cheating girlfriend?

There is nothing worse than feeling betrayed by the person you love. You have given her your heart and now she has broken it into little pieces. You suspect that she is cheating on you but you can’t be sure. Don’t worry as all may not be lost and there is always the chance that you are wrong.

Is getting a makeover a sign of cheating?

Firstly many women take good care of their appearance and buying new make up and a change of hairstyle doesn’t mean your girlfriend must be cheating on you. If however she spends ages making herself up and then goes out without you then it could be cause for concern. If this something she is doing regularly and doesn’t talk much about where she is going or who with then she could be cheating.

Coming home late with vague excuses and not wanting to talk about her night out is a bad sign. So what can you do?

You could confront her and ask her if she is cheating, however the answer may not be what you want to hear and could upset you. Alternatively you could just let things go and hope that if she is seeing someone else she gets tired of him.

This isn’t a good idea as although she may stop seeing him, the reason why she cheated in the first place must be tackled. Your relationship is in danger of breaking up if you ignore any problems.

Does she talk on the phone in another room?

Another sign your girlfriend may be cheating on you is if she starts going into another room when she is talking on the phone. It could be that she doesn’t want you to hear the conversation.

You could check her phone when she isn’t looking to see if there are any unusual phone numbers you don’t recognise. If she is having an affair she may be texting him, but be wary of checking her texts as you may find something you wish you hadn’t.

If she is constantly texting and not giving you her full attention then this is certainly a bad sign. You could ask her who she is texting. If she seems defensive and unwilling to share this information then she could well be cheating. If she was texting another girlfriend and it was completely innocent she would be more likely to chat about it.

Making excuses



Maybe you used to go dancing once a week, or to the movies at the weekend. If she is losing interest in these activities it could be that she is losing interest in you.Has she started making excuses not to see you on a regular basis?

So how can you really know for sure? The best thing is to talk to her and ask her if she is happy. Discuss any issues and see if you can’t find solutions that are right for both of you.

The only way to know if she is cheating on you is to ask her outright. Even then she may lie to you and deny it. If your girlfriend felt the need to cheat then there is something not right with your relationship.

Lack of sex

If she is still dressing in a sexy way and wearing expensive lingerie yet not making love with you then is she seeing someone else?If sex is something you haven’t had in your relationship for a while then you need to find out what’s gone wrong.

She is obviously making an effort to look good. Do you still hold hands and cuddle each other regularly? A lack of intimacy is a bad sign, especially if this is something you always did.

Take notice of her movements. If she wears sexy clothes and then goes out with her friends or says she is working late then you have cause to be suspicious. Of course you could surprise her by turning up at her office. However if she really is working late then she may be upset by your lack of trust.

Spending too much time online?

Does your girlfriend spend a lot of time on the internet? Lots of women surf the internet and spend time chatting to their friends on Facebook or other social sites. If however she seems secretive and closes down the page when you walk in the room, then she may be hiding something.

With modern technology it’s possible to meet someone and develop a close relationship with them online. With skype, webcams and chat you can really get to know someone well. They don’t have to live in your town or even your country. It’s possible to develop feelings for this person even though you have never met. It’s not really an affair in the true sense of the word, but you are still being betrayed as her mind is on this other person and not you.

So what are the signs of a cheating girlfriend if she is having a cyber affair? Firstly she may start going into another room where she can be private. She will show annoyance if you walk in on her when she is online. She may quickly shut the laptop lid down, or even pretend she is chatting to a girl friend.

Staying up late

She may stay up late at night and not come to bed until the early hours of the morning. She may even neglect household chores and lose interest in any hobbies she once had. Your relationship will suffer badly as she will be spending far less time in your company. So what can you do about it?

Of course confronting your girlfriend and accusing her of having an affair may only drive her closer to him.

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