5 Aphrodisiacs For Passionate Love Making

Looking for some new ideas to enhance your sex life? Look no further. Welcome to the exciting world of aphrodisiacs. And just in case you’ve been living under a rock for all your life, an aphrodisiac is something that is supposed to stimulate your sex drive and heighten your pleasure senses.

Aphrodisiacs have been used throughout history to enhance sexual cravings. Even the great Casanova used to consume great amounts of oysters before his sexual crusades in order to enhance his bedroom zest and vigor.

So if you want to have more romantic and passionate lovemaking sessions with your beloved, then maybe you should consider trying a few of these aphrodisiacs right before having sex.

1. Black Licorice

Back in the day, Roman soldiers ate black licorice in order to keep their strength and stamina during their war campaigns. This dark little sweet is both delicious and easy to carry into the bedroom to give you that boost before you get busy.

It isn’t as recognized as some other aphrodisiacs, but that’s what makes it so special. So be sure to take this succulent treat with you if you want to intensify your lovemaking. And don’t forget to share some with your lover as well!

2. Champagne

When it comes to choosing an elixir for more passionate lovemaking, champagne is the magic potion of the aphrodisiac world. Even in movies they use champagne to celebrate honeymoons and other good times.

And although wine is also a great aphrodisiac as well, nothing bubbles and entices the senses quite like a glass of champagne. So just relax, let go, and let the bubbles do their work in the bedroom.

3. Chili Peppers

The great Montezuma consumed chili peppers in the form of an aphrodisiac potion mixed with chocolate in order to intensify his sexual prowess before lying with his exquisite concubines

Chili peppers are truly the aphrodisiac of choice for those who want to literally feel the heat within while making passionate love. With their ability to raise body temperatures and intensify heart rates, they can enhance the vigor of anyone looking to really heat it up in the bedroom.

4. Figs

Figs are a delicious and sexy fruit that have been an arousing stimulant throughout history. The ancient Greeks saw them as sacred and used them in copulation rituals as the fruit was associated with love and fertility.

If you look inside a fig you can easily understand why it is believed to be an emulated of the female sex organs. And they are packed with vitamins and minerals that help to increase your sex drive and enjoy more passionate love making.

5. Oysters

Okay, so you probably saw this one coming. But oysters are the champions of the aphrodisiac world for the reason that they work. Because of their high zinc content, oysters help to produce sperm and thus increases libido.

If you really want to set the mood right for more passionate lovemaking, raw oysters are best served with a glass of chilled champagne for an exceptionally romantic meal for two.

Simple Ways to Reignite the Spark in Your Relationship

Tell me something; have you been searching for a few simple ideas to show you how to reignite the spark in your relationship? Have you been frustrated that your relationship doesn’t have the magic and romance that it once had? Does it feel as if you’re stuck in a rut and always doing the same things over and over again with your partner?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Because after being in a relationship with someone for a long time, it’s easy to slip into a stable and comfortable routine.

However, you often lose that magical spark that made your relationship so fun and romantic in the first place. Not to worry, here are three simple, fun and creative ways to rekindle your relationship:

1. Give Your Lover a Rare Gift

Here’s a fun and unique idea: Name a Star after your partner.

A number of astronomical agencies allow individuals to name stars and you even receive formal documentation identifying the star that you have named.

Or how about this fun romantic idea: Give your partner a magic gift box, and every month place a new small gift in the box for your beloved to discover.

See if you can come up with more unique romantic gift ideas of your own based on what you think your partner will love and appreciate. But remember to make sure that the gift is unique and special.

2. Tell Your Partner “I Love You” in a Special Way

Take a book that your partner is currently reading and, using a pencil, underline letters in a section of the book she has yet to read to spell out a secret message of “I love you.” You can even underline enough letters so that it spells out an entire love letter!

Or for something really unique that they might enjoy: You can buy special plants that grow and after 14 days display a message of your choice on the leaf. Cool or what!

3. Start Going On Fun and Romantic Dates Again

One thing that separates couples with ‘mind-blowing’ relationships is that they never stop doing new, fun, and exciting things together. In other words, they never stop dating and neither should you if you want to keep the romance and passion alive in your relationship.

If you want to REALLY reignite the spark in your relationship, try these creative date ideas on for size…

Spend the day doing fun things: go to the carnival, the beach, have a water fight, stare at the clouds on a grassy hill, go on a picnic, walk in the rain without raincoats and umbrellas, dress up in funny costumes and hit the town.

Or how about something like this: Pick your partner up for a date and blindfold her before driving to a special destination. Try to make the destination something really unexpected like a table set up at the top of a cliff or a dinner on a boat or old-fashioned ship. It needs to be something that will have an impact when she removes the blindfold.

As you engage in these activities remember to lose yourself in the moment and be completely present with your partner. Give them your complete attention and more, and ensure that there’s nothing on your mind except the thought of how much you truly love and appreciate them.

And believe me when I say that NOTHING can reignite the spark in your relationship more than going out on fun and creative dates together as a couple.

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