3 Ways To Start Flirting With Attractive Guys

Ladies, getting a man to take an interest in you in some way isn’t rocket science at all. We’re simple creatures with basic needs, at first. And while there are a lot of things you can do to get a man’s attention, one of the most successful techniques is through flirting.

But some of you may be thinking that you don’t know how to flirt, or you don’t want to appear “too interested” or that you want him to make the first move. Well, get over it!

We live in a world where fortune favors the bold, not the bashful.

Using flirtatious ways of communicating with a guy that you’re interested in is a great way to build attraction. And you can do this by simply being yourself, but just a bolder and assertive version of yourself. For most guys (the fun ones anyway), all you really need is a way to spark up random conversation or interest, and just relax and let chemistry do its thing.

Remember, guys love it when a woman knows what she wants. Love it!

So here are some love tips that will help you to get guys talking and interested in you. Remember to use flirtatious body language as you try these. Actions always speak louder than words!

1. While waiting on the same line…

Ask him nicely if you can jump in front of him. If he’s a gentleman, he will oblige you. If he’s a sharp gentleman, he may actually make the first move. Either way, when he lets you in front of him turn back and smile at him while looking in his eyes, then tell him that he’s lucky now that he has a better view of you. (Surely, both of you can take it from there…)

2. While hanging out in the same bookstore…

Go over to his section and find a book that may seem interesting. Begin flipping through it and smile at him when he looks in your direction.  After that, go over and ask for his opinion on a particular genre (something that he seems interested in).

If you’re feeling really adventurous, ask him if he’s read any good adventure books lately, then tell him that you enjoy a bit of adventure in your life. (Remember to use your eyes and sexy smile at the same time)

3. While hanging out in the coffee shop…

If he’s sitting down on his computer, try to get as close to him as possible and ask him to help you find a wall socket for your laptop. When he helps you, tell him that he deserves a reward and ask him if he wants something sweet to snack on.

If he’s ordering something to drink, get next to him and tell him that you’re feeling a bit adventurous today and you want to try something new. Tell him to pick out something special just for you.

4. While working out at the gym…

If he’s working out with music, get to a machine near to him and ask him what kind of music he’s listening to.

If he just finished up a rep and his muscles are flexed, begin to fan yourself with hand while exhaling in a flirtatious way to signal that you’re a bit “warm” all of a sudden.

5. While hanging out on the beach…

If an attractive guy you’re interested is walking your way, ask him to take a picture of you so you can send it to a cute guy.

If a bunch of guys are playing a sport, go over to the one that you like and tell him that you and your friends want in on the action. Ask him if he thinks playing guys versus girls is a good idea, since you’ll probably kick his ass.

How To Get a Man’s Attention

Ladies, it’s not rocket science. Men aren’t the most complex creatures on this earth, and getting their attention isn’t that difficult once you understand how they think.

Men are attracted first by what they see. This is very important. Although some women wouldn’t admit it, they’re more attracted to a man’s personality than by his looks. But for men, looks come first.

Keep this in mind when you want a guy to approach you. Physical attraction is more than just your appearance, but it’s also about how you communicate your appearance in a way to trigger attraction in a man.

Flirting With Your Body Language

Some women may be gorgeous in terms of their physical looks, but their body language stinks. What this means is that they are unconsciously doing things to repel men with their actions and behavior.

If you want to open yourself up to more interesting encounters from men, try doing things that communicate more openness on your part through the use of charming body language.

Men will pick up on this openness in your behavior and you’ll soon find yourself being approached by more interesting men simply because of the subtleties of your actions. These subtle actions will add to your personal charm and sexiness.

How to Charm a Man

One example of an attractive body language technique for women is smiling while at the same time playing with your hair. No matter how long or short it might be, you can find some way to touch your hair while smiling at the guys you find attractive.

This communicates with men on an unconscious level that you are open to interaction, and it also creates an indescribable allure that some women seem to naturally possess. An attractive physical appearance mixed with charming body language is an irresistible combination for any man.

The beauty about techniques like this is that you don’t have to really say a word. If a guy looks in your direction (and you find him attractive or interesting of course), give him a subtle glance and an alluring smile while touching your hair.

Be Sweet but Sexy

If you really want to increase the level of sexiness with this technique, when you give him the subtle glance, lower your eyes as you look at him and then meet his eyes again and look away. Men find this insanely sexy!

How well this works for you will all depend on your own level of creativity and comfort in using your body language. If you can use these body language cues effectively, you’ll have more attractive and interesting men approaching you consistently without you even having to say as much as a “hello!”

Remember, it’s quite okay to give him a hint, ladies. Men want to be enticed; it makes the dating game much more fun for everyone.

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