3 Passionate Love Making Tips For Couples

Passionate love making isn’t just your normal kind of routine sex romp. This kind of love making is all about creating an intense and unforgettable experience with your significant other.

Passionate love making is all about feeding the desire that you have for your lover, and feeding their desire as well. And as you build up that desire, you find new and exciting ways of fulfilling each other’s sexual needs and wants.

So if you’re looking to add a bit more passion and excitement in the bedroom (or wherever), then look no further. Here’s a tasty list of passionate love making tips that should be enough to get any couple started on the road to more intense love making.

1. Seductive Massage

Give a full body massage to your lover. Set the mood right with some scented candles and use tantalizing massage oils to rub over your lover’s body. Make sure you start at the top and work your way down their back side…slowly. Then, turn your lover over gently and start all over again on their front side.

By the time you’re finished massaging your lover, the both of you will be filled with an undeniable passion for prolonged lovemaking. The refreshing effect of a full body massage puts the mind at ease, while releasing hormones that help the body to relax more easily. This means that both the mind and body can readily respond to exciting sexual stimulus, in this case…you!

2. Passionate Kissing

Nothing builds desire for passionate love making quite like a passionate kiss that builds upon itself. Because a passionate kiss is basically a prelude to more intimate pleasures, the idea is to allow it to build expectancy and yearning in your lover.

Everyone has a “sweet spot” that drives them wild whenever kissed. Use this to your advantage when you want to create desire in your lover by softly kissing them there. Softly kiss and caress your lover gently while stopping and starting again in order to build anticipation.

Let your lips travel and move about your lover’s body until you reach their lips. And as your partner becomes more and more enticed and captivated in the moment, do what comes natural.

3. Dirty Talk

Words are powerful things. And when it comes to passionate love making, they can be even more powerful than physical touch. The art of dirty talk can catapult your love making to unparalleled heights of pleasure and ecstasy.

The key to dirty talk lies in knowing the inner workings of your lover’s mind. As you learn their inner needs and desires, you’ll better understand the ways in which you can use romantic language and sexual communication to build their sexual desire.

For example, women should try telling men what they enjoy about making love with their lover’s. Men have big egos and big libidos, and the woman who can use dirty talk to cater to these two things can easily drive her man wild with desire and anticipation.

Men should try to paint vivid images in the mind of his woman. Because women usually tend to take a bit longer to warm up for love making than men do, use your words seductively in order to get her completely reduce her muscle tensions and free her inhibitions.

By creating romantic scenes in her mind, you are literally preparing her body for an intense session of passionate love making.

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