21 Romantic Ways To Cheer Up Your Lover

Sometimes the ones we love may be experiencing a really tough time in their lives. Sometimes they may be dealing with issues that they need to work through themselves, but at other times we could be the reasons for our lover’s distress.

It’s important that we understand the nature of the problem before we go about trying to cheer someone up. There may be numerous reasons why a man or a woman may be feeling a bit down and depressed, but what matters most is that we offer support any way that we can.

Here are a few romantic ideas for you to try out in the event the one you love is feeling a bit melancholy and unhappy:

1.      Be a good listener and lend your support

2.      Write a tender love poem (or a light-hearted humorous one)

3.      Bake them their favorite confectionery treat (cupcakes anyone?)

4.      Give them a bouquet of their favorite flowers

5.      Send them a compassionate e-card

6.      Make them a mix CD with some of their favorite music on it

7.      Give them a massage

8.      Send them a box of Swiss chocolates

9.      Write them a love letter of sincere appreciation

10.  Go for an exciting nature hike together (or some other stimulating outdoors activity)

11.  Pretend you’re their personal genie and grant them three wishes

12.  Write them a funny love note

13.  Cook them their favorite dinner (and offer to do the dishes)

14.  Go for a picnic on the beach

15.  Watch their favorite movie with them, preferably something funny

16.  Rub their feet and count all the ways that you appreciate them

17.  Let them rest their head on your lap, and share good memories

18.  Serenade them with a romantic love song

19.  Buy them something thoughtful

20. Offer them their favorite breakfast in bed

21.  Simply be there for them

How To Cheer Up Someone With Romance

If you know your loved one is going through a rough time in their life, whether at work, health wise, or something else, you should try to do something both sweet and romantic to cheer them up the next morning. This is one of the best love tips because it has the capacity to not only increase the intimacy of a couple, but it also helps to cheer up both you and your loved one.

Here’s the love tip:

The following morning, as your romantic love one is about to wake up out of bed do something that you know will bring a smile on their face. Since a big part of romance is about knowing specifically what will bring joy and fulfillment to the one you love, make sure it is something special and worthwhile.

The next day, make their favorite morning breakfast and have it already waiting for them before they wake up. You should have a pretty good idea of knowing the exact time that they normally wake up in the morning. Whatever the meal may be, add some romance to it by putting a red rose on the platter or in a small vase as you serve it to them.

The next thing is to leave a short inspirational and yet romantic love note neatly folded under the rose as well. If you prefer, you may want to purchase a romantic card and write something there instead. Just be sure to find an inspiring quote or something funny that will definitely put a sweet smile on your loved one’s face to help cheer them up and let them know that you care about them and that everything will be alright.

The next thing is to play a romantic love song the moment they get out of bed. We suggest something fun, kind of cheesy, yet sweet and romantic all at the same time. An excellent choice for a sweet, cheesy, nostalgic, and fun romantic love song is “Close To You” by the Carpenters.

This is a great little romantic gem that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face (assuming of course, that your lover doesn’t absolutely hate this kind of music).

If you REALLY want to pep it up, find a jazzy version of this song and play it as you serve your loved one their favorite breakfast in bed.

Oh, and one more thing. Dance! This is the last piece of the romantic cheer up puzzle.

Right after serving them a romantic breakfast with the single red rose and the love note, dance for them. It doesn’t have to be anything well-choreographed (although you can if you want). Just dance for them in a way that is sure to put a smile on their face and cheer them up. Do something fun and silly, or dance with them if they’ve really gotten into it.

This is why a jazzy version is so great. You get to perform a little jazz dance for your loved one. The one by Harry Connick Jr. is an excellent choice.

Remember, the whole point of what you’re doing here is to cheer up their day while at the same time adding a bit of romance. This shows that you deeply care about their well-being, and that you understand what they’re going through.


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