Young, Married & African: Kemi + Sola Oladimeji

Couple: Kemi + Sola Oladimeji

From: Nigeria

Location: Texas, USA

Married Since: August 25, 2012

Kemi & Sola Oladimeji

We keep our marriage fun, full of love, and happy by spending quality time with each other every day. We love to joke around with each other and try new things together. We communicate with each other about any and everything.  Travelling is important to us even if it means taking a mini road trip just to have some weekend fun.

The toughest challenge we faced together as a couple was being separated during our first year of marriage. Sola got a new job and had to relocate to Texas.  Kemi was still in New Jersey, pregnant and in school. Although it was tough, we realized how much we really loved each other and the time away helped us grow closer to each other. We vowed to never be away from each other for that long again!  

Three things fundamental to a successful marriage are praying together, communicating together, and being honest with each other.”

Kemi & Sola Oladimeji


From Kemi:

My husband’s best physical feature is his smile! I love how he goes above and beyond to make sure that I am happy and comfortable. He is very selfless not only to his family but also to friends.  

The best thing about marriage is spending the rest of my life with someone knowing that we will grow and accomplish more together as a team.  

I’d marry Sola all over again, because he has been nothing but loving since the beginning. He is absolutely amazing! 


From Sola:

My wife’s best physic al feature is that she’s beautiful all around. She is a very loving and caring person.   

The best thing about marriage is having someone by your side who shares your dreams, and will stand by your side no matter what.  

I’d marry Kemi all over again, because she is a God-fearing, a lovely and remarkable lady. She has been a blessing to me, since the day she came into my life.”  

Kemi & Sola Oladimeji

Typical Date Night: A typical date night is dinner and a movie. Some nights it may be out at a restaurant and some days it’s right at home.  

Best Date Ever:  December 10, 2011 – Spirit Cruise NYC

Most Romantic Gift From Spouse:  Diamond necklace on our first Valentine’s Day

Favorite Place to Eat: Our house. I love cooking and trying new foods and Sola loves my food … he calls me Chef Kemi   

Favorite Travel DestinationFlorida! Always have a great time when we go whether Miami or Orlando 

Favorite Hotel to Stay In: Doubletree by Hilton-great customer service, great décor and welcome chocolate chip cookie is always delicious!  


From the Editor:Young, Married + African” is a feature that profiles married African couples all over the globe, between ages 18 and 40. I’m always looking for new couples to feature.

If you’d like to be featured, please e-mail me at chioma dot onyewuchi at hotmail dot com with subject, “Interested in African Couple Feature”.

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