DATE NIGHT: Have A Ball with Balloons ;)

Have you ever had a celebration or party with balloons, but didn’t know what to do with it afterwards? Thinking of deflating them and throwing them in the trash immediately? You might want to hold off on that. You can, literally, have a ball with balloons – and it will be a date night you’ll want to have again and again!

Several days ago, my husband and I celebrated one of the greatest moments of our lives: we celebrated our son’s 1st birthday. Though we made it an intimate affair with just the 3 of us, we bought lots of balloons for him to chase around and play with. We decided to leave the balloons around for him for a few days longer, because he had such a great time with them. Little did we know that we would, too. :) When we discovered how great they would be for us, too, an impromptu date night at home was born. And, boy, did we have a blast!!!

We played “Balloon Ball”! For couples who are looking to have an active and fit date, get silly, and have a great laugh, what we did was very simple. We used the balloons like they were volleyballs – volleying that balloons between us and doing our best to keep them from hitting the ground by all means necessary, with hands, legs, heads, and whatever body part would do.

After a half hour of chasing balloons around and volleying them between us, we were literally sweating buckets (or shall I say, balloons)? We were laughing, running around, and having a wonderful time. We enjoyed it so much that we’ve agreed to do it again. Who knows, we just might make this a ritual, and bring balloons home from parties we attend?

Try it, and let me know how you and your spouse enjoyed it.

Happy Dating!


{Image via Munaluchi Bride Magazine | Photo by Tomayia Colvin Photography}

3 thoughts on “DATE NIGHT: Have A Ball with Balloons ;)

    • You should! It’s a real calorie burner, and so much fun!!

      P.S. Isn’t it CRAZY how time flies with these kiddies. Can’t believe little Eliana is getting there! Wow!

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