Young, Married & African: Christiana + David Okuwobi

Couple: Christiana + David Okuwobi 

From: Nigeria

Location: New Jersey, USA

Married Since: September 3, 2011

Find Christiana Online: Blog –

                        Instagram – @sixthlens


Christiana and David Okuwobi 1

We keep our marriage fun, full of love and happy by being goofy, spending quality time with each other, being spontaneous, being open to new things, and being supportive of each other. We are able to laugh at ourselves or each other when the moment calls for it. Quality time gives us that moment and opportunity to connect with each other; spontaneity keeps things fresh and new. Lastly, we keep our marriage happy by basically doing things we both know are important to each other and make the other happy. 

The toughest challenge we’ve faced so far has been moving to a new state as new grads and newlyweds with no family, friends and only one of us with a job. It was a time that, despite its challenges, gave us a strong base, and contributed to the success of our marriage today. So, the challenge actually helped our marriage [instead of hurting it]. We always joke that if we could make it through that period, we can make it through anything. 

Three things we believe are fundamental for marriage success are: God, first; then, Respect and Effective Communication.”


From Christiana:

“My husband’s best physical features are his arms! Also, I love his determination, and his willingness to go out of his way to help others.

The best thing about marriage is building a legacy with your partner, and knowing that you have someone that will always be there for you in your worst moments, and someone who you can share all your best moments with.

I’d marry David all over again, because he is my prince charming.”


From David:

“[I love that] my wife is caring, fun, quiet and charming.

 The best thing about marriage is the joy of building a home & family, and living forever with youbest friend.

I’d marry Christiana all over again, because she’s my oxygen and she completes me.

Christiana and David Okuwobi 4

Typical Date Night:  Movie and dinner. Dinner could be at a restaurant – but, in most cases, it’s [right] at home.  We make something special, set the table and have good conversation. 

Best Date Ever: 02/13/2010 – Cinghiale, Baltimore Maryland 

Most Romantic Gift From Spouse: A necklace with heart-shaped pendant

Favorite Place to Eat:  At home! We don’t eat out often, so, we don’t have a favorite so far. I enjoy cooking, so I cook a lot of varieties and he loves it. 

Favorite Travel DestinationMiami, Florida, because we always have so much fun and great adventure. 

Favorite Hotel to Stay In: Marriott Hotels Good standard and quality is consistent across all locations. 

Christiana and David Okuwobi 2


From the Editor:Young, Married + African” is a feature that profiles married African couples all over the globe, between ages 18 and 40. I’m always looking for new couples to feature.

If you’d like to be featured, please e-mail me at chioma dot onyewuchi at hotmail dot com with subject, “Interested in African Couple Feature”.

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